Looking for more to read? Here are some links for Friday, 21st of September:

Deforestation and cor­rup­tion in Paraguay « plan­et­paraguay

Some politi­cians are ignor­ing intim­id­a­tion or assist­ing evic­tion to clear forest of awk­ward inhab­it­ants. Who gains from the clear­ances and what altern­at­ives are there?

PLOS ONE: Archaeobotanical Study of Ancient Food and Cereal Remains at the Astana Cemeteries, Xinjiang, China

This could repay closer read­ing. On the one hand it shows the spread of Han influ­ence into west­ern China through the Silk Road. But in text is a small kicker that it might not be just food­stuffs that changed in this period. After improve­ments to the silk road did can­nabis also appear in the Turpan region?

Food Politics » What to make of the scary GMO study?

A handy and sane write up of how dif­fi­cult the study is to inter­pret and the ques­tion it raises. Also includes some com­ment­ary on the polit­ics of GMOs at the moment and many help­ful links.

Media Page — Sustainable Food Trust

A media page for the scary GMO study. Includes the ori­ginal paper so you can look for your­self, but you may want to skip over the rat photos.

Single-​​Study Syndrome and the G.M.O. Food Fight — NYTimes​.com

Andrew Revkin on why a single study is enough to be scary, but not enough to tell you if that fear is jus­ti­fied. More use­ful links.

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